Preparing your property For Sale

There are many jobs around the house that can be done by the homeowner. For those who would prefer not to do those jobs, please speak to your sales consultant, or refer directly to our contractor list for the most appropriate tradesperson for your home.


First impressions are critical. If buyers don’t like the outside, they probably won’t look inside.

  • Mow and tidy your lawns and gardens and use mulch where appropriate.
  • Perth’s heat can be brutal. Add plants that will introduce colour but also last in the heat.
  • Declutter areas such as garages, carports and even workshops if they are a major selling feature of your home.
  • Replace broken or damaged letterboxes.


Most homes are sold with electrical fittings being in working order. This includes replacing blown lightbulbs. Replace any blown lightbulbs and give every room as much light as possible.


Give the impression of space by storing items that do not add to the ambience of the room. Kitchens and bathrooms are a major focus for buyers. Ensure they are clear and clean and provide the feeling of space.


Windows are often forgotten. Clean where necessary.


Wax or polish timber floors and steam clean carpets where necessary. Wet area tiles need to sparkle. We know specialist contractors that are great at cleaning dirty grout in living areas and bathrooms.

Paint is usually the first job to be considered. It covers marks on walls and makes the home seem new and clean.  A general clean up (removing sticky tape, Blu Tack, washing walls) and minor repairs may suffice.

Fresh Air

Nothing smells better. On warm days, open windows and blinds and ensure there are no pet odours.
Make sure your pets are out of the way on home open days. A neighbour may be best to help you check for any pet odours in your home.