For Sale to Settlement

Step One

Create A Plan Together

We’ll explain your options, like auction and private treaty sale, and talk you through our recommended marketing strategies. We can also help you present your property to maximise the sale price. At all times, you tell us what you feel will work the best and we’ll make it happen.

Step Two

Prepare For The Sale

At this stage we organise the marketing material such as professional photography to make your property look its best. We also work with your legal representative to arrange all the contractual paperwork and documentation. Now your home is ready to hit the market and the sales strategy kicks into gear!

Step Three

Marketing Your Home

There is no magic wand here, just hard work! Our experience and market research, combined with our knowledge of buyers and your knowledge of your property will all combine to help our team create interest in your home from genuine buyers and invite the best offers.

Step Four

Inviting And Accepting Offers

We will pass on to you expressions of interest and offers for you to consider. On your instructions, we will the put our negotiation skills to work in order to get the best possible price. When that happens, it’s time for congratulations. It’s all been worth it!

Step Five


The final stage! In the lead up to settlement and other milestones on the sales timeline, we’ll continue to meet with you and make sure you are up to speed and comfortable with what’s taking place. It’s our job to ensure everything proceeds as quickly and smoothly as possible.