Buying Tips

Buying a home is a very exciting time. Here are some tips that should help you get started.

Gauge the market. This can be done through websites but nothing beats visiting home opens to see what a property is really like.


Financial advice. Meet with a mortgage broker or financial institution. Most mortgage brokers don’t charge a fee and are paid through the banks. They can also come to you. The broker will also be able to guide you on any government grants that you may be eligible for.


Real estate agent. You don’t have to feel alone when buying a home. The staff at Progress Real Estate will be more than happy to assist you with finding the right home and even negotiate the offer with the selling agent.


Consider the costs. Don’t forget to consider the cost of stamp duty and a settlement agent when buying a home. A settlement agent is generally employed by both the buyer and the seller and will assist in completing the transaction and helping to navigate your way into home ownership.


Narrow your search 

– Price

– Location

– Property type (house, villa, unit)

– Number of bedrooms

– Number of bathrooms

– Parking facilities


Building inspection. There are two types of building inspections. These are a structural Inspection only or a comprehensive Inspection which includes both the structural inspection and a check of the fixtures and fitting to ensure they are in working order. Speak with one of our staff at Progress Real Estate for an active and recommended building inspector.


Termite inspection. A check of the property you are buying comes at a low cost but can save you thousands in the long term. Speak with one of our staff at Progress Real Estate for an active termite inspector in your area.


For more assistance in buying a home speak to one of our friendly staff at Progress Real Estate and use our years of real estate experience to your best advantage.